Today Nintendo kicked off a new \”Photo-A-Day Challenge\” for the month of June where members of Instagram, the popular image sharing application on iOS and now Android, can post their Nintendo related photos based on the theme of the day.

The challenge runs for 30 days, and each day has a unique theme for which members should choose their submitted photos.  Themes range from favorite character or castle from a Nintendo game, to the dreaded \”Game Over\” screen.


To join the challenge, take a photo using the Instagram app and tag it with \”#Nintendo\”.  So those of you with iOS or Android devices, get to snapping!  If you\’re finding yourself with a lack of inspiration, here’s my entry into the first day of the challenge, complete with everyone’s favorite Nintendo character this year.


What are your thoughts on the challenge?  Do you plan on making any submissions?  Let us know in the comments, and please feel free to share your submissions if you do!

[Source: Instagram]


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