There has been no shortage of controversy recently over social media companies selling the information of their users. It looks like Miitomo answers are one thing you don’t have to worry about being sold, however. In response to a Kotaku article critiquing Miitomo’s habit of encouraging oversharing, Nintendo said the following:

The goal of our Miitomo questions is to spark fun conversations with your friends and for you to discover new facts about them as they answer the questions being posed. That’s why Miitomo generally avoids yes or no questions. As to the answer information our consumers provide through the Miitomo app, it is only used to provide a better experience for Nintendo consumers and to support the application. Neither Nintendo nor any of its partners sells or shares that answer information for any other purposes.

It’s great to know that this sort of information is not being sold by Nintendo, as it is undoubtedly information a lot of people would love to have. Hopefully this mindset continues to be the case for Nintendo as they delve deeper into the smartphone scene.


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