TV Spots, street posters, what’s next?

As seen in the image above, snapped by reddit user MadMadHatter, Nintendo has taken their Mario Kart 8 promotional activities to the streets of Japan.

The image displays seven Japanese men having the time of their life using the GamePad and Wii Wheel to drive around as Nintendo characters on various Mario Kart 8 race tracks. No telling what type of impact posters like these are making, but if it was me just finding out about Mario Kart 8, my interest would definitely be piqued after one look at that poster.

Moving overseas to North America, Nintendo has launched two additional Mario Kart 8 television promos, making there a total of five promotional videos airing on kids channels such as Cartoon Network.


These new promotional activities come after Nintendo made a statementing back in April committing to pushing Mario Kart 8 for the entire year.

Bundles for Europe and North America have also already been announced and a number of promotional deals can already be found at retailers from GameSpot, to BestBuy, to even Dell.

Mario Kart 8 is available for pre-order at retails everywhere and releases on May 30.


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