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Reputable translator Japanese Nintendo just reported that Nintendo is ending production on three different Joy-Con variants: Grey, Neon Yellow, and Red, as per an announcement,ent on the Japanese Nintendo accessories page.

The extent of this production cessation is not quite clear just yet, though. We don’t know if Nintendo is phasing out these Joy-Con forever or just for a little while, or if they are just specifically closing off production on these Joy-Con pairs.  According to Japanese Nintendo, you can still select each color to pair with a Switch system with the Japanese site’s custom bundle option, and you can purchase the Joy-Con individually. This could be Nintendo simply selling off the rest of their stock, or it could point to a new, downsized production scheme for these Joy-Con variants. I wouldn’t be surprised if this merely marks the company temporarily repurposing certain manufacturing processes in the wake of massive demand and strained operations due to COVID-19.

With new Joy-Con colors emerging every few months since the system’s release, it also would not come as a surprise for Nintendo to shut a few down. From a personal standpoint, these are three of the colors I see the least among my friends and on store shelves. As for myself, I love collecting Joy-Con, but I’ve never picked up the Red, I’ve always put off buying the Neon Yellow, and I took the shells off of my Greys and replaced them with a custom Atomic Purple design. I might hurry up and grab the Neon Yellow, but otherwise, I’m ready for new variants to take center stage.

Andrew Rockett
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