Piracy service HackYourConsole, once known for providing illegal Nintendo games as well as devices and services to obtain pirated software for platforms such as the DS and Wii, is now defunct thanks to the game company’s recent lawsuit.

Earlier in the month, Nintendo made piracy claims towards HackYourConsole, which was planning on distributing illegal Nintendo 3DS cards sometime in the future. Alongside the lawsuit, HackYourConsole cancelled all pre-orders (as well as dismissing any new orders) and is now officially out of service.

HackYourConsole was known for not only offering unauthorized copies of Nintendo games, but also game-copying devices such as the \”R4 tool.\” The R4 device is a popular flash cart that can be loaded with illegally downloaded games as well as homebrewed content. On the other hand, the HackYourConsole website owner supplied a service that allowed gamers to get their Wii consoles hacked for playing pirated software.


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