Electrify the competition

The latest Mario Kart 8 item test commercial has arrived and this time Nintendo wants to show the public exactly how you can shock the competition with an item that has been \’insanely tested on Wii U for flippin\’ fun\’.


As you already know, the lightning bolt is back in Mario Kart 8 and, like past entries, it allows you to shrink opponents and squash them as you pass.

If you\’re a London resident or if you\’re making plans to travel there, you can participate in exclusive Mario Kart 8 mini-tournaments at the MCM London Comic Con. Don\’t live in London but still want to try out Mario Kart 8? Well then head on down to your local Target for some high-definition \’flippin fun\’.

Yesterday, Nintendo UK’s Mario brand manger went on record saying that Mario has the potential to solve the Wii U’s problems in the UK.

These new promotional activities come after Nintendo made a statementing back in April committing to pushing Mario Kart 8 for the entire year.

Bundles for Europe and North America have also already been announced and a number of promotional deals can already be found at retailers from GameSpot, to BestBuy, to even Dell.

Mario Kart 8 is available for pre-order at retails everywhere and releases on May 30.


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