At a briefing in Japan on Thursday, Nintendo  announced their earnings ending December 2011 and their forecast for the new year

Nintendo cut its annual forecast for Wii to 10 million from 12 million, and for the 3DS to 14 million from 16 million.

Nintendo and other companies that are headquartered in Japan are struggling with a poor currency exchange rate. The Japanese Yen is at an all-time high against other currencies, such as the US dollar.

Even though a  large price cut last year caused sales of the Nintendo 3DS portable to skyrocket, the positive impact was late.

\”We had higher expectations for the year-end season, but failed to meet them,\” President Satoru Iwata told reporters in Osaka.

These financial figures were published in official documents released by Nintendo Co. Ltd.

The Nintendo President also stated that the new Wii U console will arrive in all key markets, including the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan, in time for the holiday season.

If Nintendo goes by their own past console releases, there could be weeks to months in between launches in the different markets in order to produce enough hardware to meet demand.

\”Based on scheduled deliveries of key components, it’s possible that at least one market could receive shipments as early as the end of this summer.\”  An industry source told Nintendo Enthusiast on condition of anonymity.

After the Wii U’s first appearance at E3 2011, various industry sources, including a Sega company representative, have reportedly made comments suggesting a possible summer 2012 release.


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