Between its four mobile titles, Nintendo earned $348 million in mobile revenue for the year of 2018. In Q4 in particular, they had a record quarter of almost $117 million in worldwide spending between the App Store and Google Play, according to Sensor Tower. This is thanks to the successful launch of Dragalia Lost, which released in select regions on Sept. 27.

Nintendo mobile revenue 2018

Dragalia Lost, at approximately $58.4 million, was responsible for almost 17 percent of revenue in spite of its late release and being available in only five territories. Fire Emblem Heroes, available in 40 territories, earned $230 million and made up 66 percent of revenue. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp earned $48.6 million, accounting for roughly 14 percent of revenue. And lastly, there’s Super Mario Run, which, ya know, exists.

Fire Emblem Heroes has generated a total $487 million to date, which makes it a pretty great success. Time will tell if Dragalia Lost can maintain its current momentum and dethrone Heroes. Also, Mario Kart Tour is scheduled for Q1 release in 2019 and will follow the microtransaction revenue model, so there is reason to believe Nintendo will make another good chunk of change in mobile this year.

Do you play any of Nintendo’s mobile offerings? Honestly, the only one I have on my phone is Super Mario Run, and although I like it, I’ve only ever played it a handful of times.


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