Hello to all of you Nintenmen and Nintendettes out there.  This is the first installment of the Nintendo \”News\”thusiast weekly wrap-up which chronicles all of the Nintendo news for one week and sums it all up in one big Wario fat rolled lump.  On Monday Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot tried to give some friendly advice to the Big \’N\’ saying that the Wii U needs to sell more and in order to do that they need to lower its price.  Ubisoft hasn\’t been playing favorites in the Mushroom Kingdom and there are a lot of mad koopas waiting to storm their castle and knock down their door.  The Rayman Legends fiasco was probably the biggest sucker punch to the gut but like Little Mac in Punch-out fans came out with their gloves on and expressed their anger on a Facebook page with a petition to restore the original release date.

The best thing to come out of any Ubisoft news was mentioning the game Watch_Dogs which is sort of cyber geddon type thriller and its going to  have extra special features for the Wii U.  Guillemot noted that the Wii U version is having a special expanded development team working on it and it looks to be shaping up quite nicely.  Tuesday brought along a much needed Wii U system update which apparently would make it more \”stable\”–as if it were really out of control before with its sluggish pace? Also on Tuesday Minecraft fans hoping to say, \”Can you dig it?\” for a Wii U edition can put their away their pickaxes as Mojang’s Jens Bergensten said a Wii U version is, \”highly unlikely\”.

On Wednesday, the grandfather of gaming and Mario’s papa Shigeru Miyamoto announced that NFC technology is a major priority right now.  Nintendo is working on.  He said they hope to show off some games soon that will utilize the NFC chip inside the GamePad.  Perhaps we\’ll see some Baby Mario and Baby Luigi statues dukin\’ it out in their diapers? Miyamoto also said that they are working on titles that will utilize the capability to support two GamePads.  Miyamoto-san also mentioned on how he is prepping his team for his retirement soon by \”pretending\” he is not working on half the projects he would normally be working on in hopes that the younger team members would be more involved.

Things got difficult for Wii U owners in Japan who tried to access the Wii U eShop on Thursday.  Console owners would be with error message 105-3102 which blocked them from eShop use and from updating their firmware.  Nintendo said they were working on a fix for it and hoped to have it done by the end of the week.

Some Donkey Kong fans were going bananas on Friday when it was announced that the Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DS game was going to be developed by Monster games and not Retro studios.  Monster Games developed Pilotwings Resort and Excite Truck for the Wii.  The patch for the eShop nightmare in Japan for Wii U owners was announced and players were given a four step process on how to patch it.

Saturday brought a ribbit ribbit bang bang with the announcement of Gero Blaster.  Gero Blaster is a new side scrolling shooter developed by Nicalis, the developer of Cave Story, which puts the player in a frog persona trying to rescue his girlfriend .  According to Nintendo Life, Nicalis will publish the iOS title which could head to the 3DS as well.

Finally, Sunday news brings a little sunshine with the cute story  of a dad, his daughter, Donkey Kong, and the perils of a girl named Pauline.  In an article from Joystiq a father whose little 3-year-old daughter loves Donkey Kong wanted to know if she could play as Pauline (the poor girl Mario is trying to save) since you can play as Peach (a girl) in Super Mario Bros. 2.  After tinkering around the dad hacked a 2010 NES Donkey Kong ROM using Tile Layer Pro and changed Mario to Pauline and his daughter was thrilled.

That is all for this week’s news.  Leave a comment here at Nintendo Enthusiast and tell  us what you think.

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