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Citizens of the United States — and most of the world — are angry. The death of George Floyd as a result of police brutality has ignited global protests in support of Black Lives Matter and associated causes. Most of this protest has been peaceful, but occasionally, protest has given way to riots, triggered by protesters or the police themselves. Today, protesters marched through New York City. Manhattan is notably the home of the Nintendo NY store — and also Trump Tower. Under normal conditions, the two are only 9 minutes apart by walking distance, and Nintendo NY suffered a bit of damage today as a front window was broken by marching protesters. Details of how it occurred are presently uncertain.

A broken window is an unfortunate situation, but not as unfortunate as the loss of lives that is the focus of the protest. Nintendo NY should not have had its window broken by any means, but it can fortunately afford a new one.

Nintendo has not issued any statements so far about the protests, Black Lives Matter, or associated events. However, several entities in the video game industry have issued messages and/or delayed events over it. A planned reveal of PlayStation 5 games has been delayed in support of the protests, as well as a planned celebration of Madden 21 by EA. However, in Madden‘s case, you could probably watch any entry from the series in the past decade and get a good idea of what’s in store for the new title, so that’s the singular silver lining in this situation.

Update: A video and an additional image have become available.

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The #Nintendo store got hit

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