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There are many, many times where it feels like Nintendo operates in a vacuum separate from the rest of the cosmos. It does whatever it wants, when it wants, for better and for worse. While several organizations in the video game industry like Sony recently delayed planned events in order to not take the spotlight away from the tragic death of George Floyd via police brutality, Nintendo released new information about Pokémon DLC as usual yesterday. And that’s entirely Nintendo’s prerogative, of course. But it had seemed increasingly likely that the organization would issue no statement about Floyd’s death or the Black Lives Matter movement at all. Now, that has finally changed, as Nintendo of America has spoken up:

In all honesty, this Nintendo of America statement regarding the death of George Floyd is pretty generic and reads very similarly to a multitude of other posts made by businesses to social media. It certainly doesn’t approach the magnitude of response that EA and Square Enix respectively are giving to the situation, as they are pledging (among other things) $1 million and $250,000 respectively to organizations that fight racism and discrimination. Nonetheless, it is better than nothing, and it is appreciated that Nintendo of America at least acknowledged the event. (Small update: It may be the case that Nintendo is matching or even double-matching employees’ donations.)

In related news, the front window of Nintendo NY was broken during a protest just two days ago.


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