Nintendo Play Station auction SNES PlayStation Sony CD drive sells $360,000 Heritage Auctions

It was reported back in October that the Nintendo Play Station or “SNES PlayStation” may go to auction. Specifically, it’s owner Terry Diebold’s unit, which is the only unit known to exist out in the wild. Now, the deal is official. Heritage Auctions will auction off this rare and extraordinary piece of video game history on Feb. 27, 2020.

For those who need a refresher, the Nintendo Play Station is a prototype console built by Sony that is essentially a Super Nintendo with a CD disc drive added in. The console never entered full production due to differences between Nintendo and Sony, with the popular narrative being that Nintendo did not like how much control it was giving up to Sony in the arrangement. Nintendo instead partnered clandestinely with Philips for the CD-i, inadvertently creating its greatest competition in the process.

According to Kotaku, Heritage only got involved with video games this year, but they’ve sold sealed copies of Nintendo classics for big bucks, including a first-print Super Mario Bros. selling for $100,150. The Nintendo Play Station stands poised to obliterate silly little numbers like $75,000 though. In fact, Diebold claims he has turned down million-dollar offers for the console in the past. Now that the whole gaming world and its most affluent enthusiasts will be watching, the sky is the limit for what this console might go for.

Alternatively, Diebold could just give it to me. I would totally promise to keep the dust off of it and stuff.


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