Nintendo reaches 3.3 billion yen settlement with mobile developer Colopl in lawsuit suit legal battle Japan

It’s been five years since Nintendo first filed a lawsuit against mobile game developer Colopl over patent infringements. The lawsuit saga has finally ended with a settlement of 3.3 billion yen (~$30.34 million) in damages owed by Colopl.

Nintendo first filed complaints to Colopl in 2016 over patent infringements in the mobile game White Cat Project. Colopl expressed over the course of a year that it did not infringe upon Nintendo’s patents. However, Nintendo didn’t accept the explanations from Colopl, which eventually led to a patent infringement lawsuit that spanned over five years.

The lawsuit consisted of five patent infringements. One patent infringement was for the Nintendo DS Wrist Strap, which Nintendo used to promote Super Mario 64 DS. The infringement was specifically for a patented technology used when operating a joystick on a touch panel. Nintendo filed the lawsuit in January 2018, and Colopl continued to deny the allegations until it changed control schemes on White Cat Project in February 2020.

Nintendo initially asked for a compensation of 4.4 billion yen (~$40.45 million) in damages in February 2021. By April, the amount eventually increased to 9.69 billion yen (~$89 million) due to late fees. Since then, we didn’t hear anything else about the lawsuit, but after a long five years and several rounds in court, both companies have finally reached a settlement agreement of 3.3 billion yen.

Nintendo released a statement to confirm the settlement but no further details due to confidential reasons. Colopl also released a statement explaining that the company had decided that it would be in its best interest for an early settlement. Both companies have reached an agreement on the settlement, and in response, Nintendo will withdraw the proceedings after receiving the payment.


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