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Gamers, it’s almost time to say goodbye to Super Mario 3D All-Stars. The collection of Mario titles will be delisted on March 31, so now is a great time to purchase the trilogy if you haven’t already. For those holding out hope Nintendo would reverse its decision, I’ve got some bad news. The company just put out some 3D All-Stars social media posts reminding players to get on the Switch eShop before the games evaporate into thin air.

The 3D All-Stars social media posts are like rubbing salt in a wound

First off, we have Nintendo of America’s Twitter page refreshing everyone’s memory of the upcoming purge:

And to top it off, the Big N shared the same message on Facebook.

Following the link in either post takes fans to 3D All-Starsofficial website. Here, a message mentions “while supplies last,” so don’t think going the physical route with the collection will save you any heartache.

When I think of a celebration of Mario’s history, I don’t think of it as a limited-time event. I do not understand Nintendo’s logic behind this choice, especially for those who may have difficulty procuring a Nintendo 64, GameCube, or Wii. Hopefully, Nintendo will release all the games separately after March 30, along with Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Enthusiasts, what do you make of these 3D All-Stars social media posts? Have you purchased a copy of the compilation already or are you planning on doing so soon? Let us know below.

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