With people around the globe working from home every day, it can be hard to get some healthy physical activity into our routines as we spend less and less time outside or at the gym. Nintendo Switch owners have been desperately trying to get their hands on one Nintendo-produced solution to indoor exercise, Ring Fit Adventure, but the hit workout-RPG has been in and out of stock at retailers around the world for months. Thankfully, Nintendo has developed yet another exercise game for the Nintendo Switch called Jump Rope Challenge, and it’s free for all until September.

Unlike Ring Fit Adventure, all you need to play Jump Rope Challenge is a pair of Joy-Con controllers and a few minutes of free time. You and a friend can tackle daily jump-rope activities and watch adorable and customizable bunnies skip rope on your screen as you get closer and closer to your goal for the day. If you’re worried about the noise that jumping up and down might cause, you can also play by bending your knees or moving your arms.

According to Nintendo, Jump Rope Challenge was developed by a handful of Nintendo developers working from home in Japan who wanted to make a simple game that could add some breezy and quick exercise into their daily lives.

Jump Rope Challenge is available right now on the Nintendo eShop, and will be free until September.

Source: Nintendo PR

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