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When Microsoft purchased ZeniMax, it kind of intimated that a lot of major titles will become exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem moving forward, meaning the likes of Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass. In the past, Microsoft has explained its positive but also complicated relationship with Nintendo, and Xbox head Phil Spencer has implied that Nintendo isn’t interested in hosting the Xbox Live experience on Nintendo Switch. However, Nintendo and Microsoft are almost definitely working on something new together, as a Switch appeared in the background of a recent Microsoft event — and these things are bizarrely often teasers for future announcements. Yet if you’re hoping for Xbox Live, Game Pass, and xCloud on Nintendo Switch, you may want to temper your expectations.

Video game industry analyst David Gibson has stated on Twitter that Nintendo “directly” told him that it “would not put other streaming services on the Switch,” which he accurately described as a “lost opportunity.” It does not need to be stated (though apparently I am) what an enormous boon it would be to gamers if Switch owners could access xCloud portably and/or play Xbox Game Pass titles on Switch. However, unless something has changed recently, that does not seem to be in the cards.

What else do you think Nintendo and Xbox may be cooking up together?


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