Nintendo reveals a gorgeous, coral-colored Nintendo Switch Lite


Nintendo has announced a coral color Nintendo Switch Lite, set to launch next month in Japan, and the company says that shipments to the region are guaranteed. With this new coral Switch Lite, the range of colors for the console will grow to four – and with possibly one of the most attractive models on the market. It may not be a Switch Pro, but it’s a step in the right direction for those collecting Nintendo consoles.


Color me coral

Pre-orders for the new coral color Nintendo Switch Lite open in Japan on Mar. 7. The device will officially go on sale a couple of weeks later, on Mar. 20. While Nintendo has previously explained that Switch orders in Japan will be affected by the coronavirus, that apparently won’t be the case with the coral Switch Lite. Manufacturing and shipment for this console was completed in January. As we know from recent insider information, only orders shipped in or after March 2020 should suffer from Coronavirus-related delays.

Meanwhile, in the US, the coral Switch Lite is available to pre-order right now. Nintendo has added this console to the official lineup of Nintendo Switch Lite hardware on their website with a release date of Apr. 3. Unlike the Japanese release date, the US launch of the console will not coincide with the Animal Crossing: New Horizons limited edition Switch model. Whether this is a deliberate move on Nintendo’s part or just a difference caused by regular shipment timelines isn’t clear.

At the time of writing, the Nintendo UK website has not been updated with the new Switch Lite model. Considering the launch of similar products in the past, it’s likely that the UK will get the same release date of Apr. 3. It’s simply a matter of time before local retailers update their product listings.


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