Nintendo Switch - System Update - Firmware Update

Another month has rolled around, and coming with it is a new routine Switch firmware update. That said, for this month, the Big N’s software engineers have released a new update that takes care of the firmware of not only the main console but also that of the Joy-Con controllers.

The new version 12.1.0 is now available for download, though your Switch is likely to do so in the background when not in use. As for the controller firmware update, you’ll have to do just some light digging into the System Settings menu to push the update to both the left and right controllers.

As per usual, there really isn’t anything super substantial in the patch notes for this latest Switch firmware update. Though, there is actually a new feature: better data management. Now when downloading new update data for a game, the user has the option to quickly delete the old data to make space for the fresh content in the event that there isn’t enough storage space at that moment. Other than this new mini-feature, the rest of the new system update patch notes simply indicate that there have been “general system stability improvements.”

Nintendo Switch firmware update 12.0

Path to the better Switch firmware

Back in June, just before E3, Nintendo released the previous system update. It yanked that update of its servers in mere hours when it was discovered to be causing some issues with software downloads and network connectivity. It was reinstated a few days later. That was the first time that Nintendo had to pretty much patch a system patch. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to have happened with this new 12.1.0 firmware update.

In other recent news, Nintendo shadow-dropped the new Switch OLED model. It doesn’t include any substantial hardware differences compared to the existing models. Thus, there likely won’t be any special improvements made to the Switch firmware when the new OLED model launches in October.

A.K Rahming
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