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Doug Bowser, Nintendo’s Senior Vice President, has told ArsTechnica that gamers are playing the Nintendo Switch exactly how it was intended, or so it seems. Docked Nintendo Switch playtime and handheld play time are split 50-50, which means the ‘switch’ gimmick is working. Mr. Bowser (fitting name) said it’s around a 50% split between the two separate play modes (handheld mode includes both tabletop play and fully handheld).

I love that the Switch captured the hearts of gamers everywhere thanks to its ‘console quality games on the go’ feature. How do you play Nintendo Switch? Are you collecting moons on the go or in the comfort of your house? Leave all your thoughts in the comments section below, or join the discussion over on our Facebook page.

“Play time split between docked and undocked play on the Switch is “about even—about 50 percent in the dock and 50 percent away from the dock.” That latter includes both tabletop play and fully handheld play; Bowser said the company doesn’t currently monitor which “undocked” mode a player is using at any given time.”

“One of the nice things we’ve seen with the Switch is we’re able to read more telemetry data in how players are engaging with the content,” Bowser said. “We get that when they connect, if they have a Nintendo account we have the ability to understand how they’re engaging with the device….From a positioning standpoint, we can look at various titles and how they’re being played. That allows us to think about various ways with digital marketing and some of our videos to know how to position them.”


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