Nintendo says Switch, Switch Lite shipments are still getting delayed

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We reported previously on the fact that there could be a shortage of Nintendo Switch hardware in the U.S. and E.U. markets later in 2020 due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. It feels like we are now experiencing that lack of hardware, and Nintendo has explained that Switch shipments are still being delayed.

Per Japanese Nintendo, Nintendo stated in February to a site called Career Correction that, as a result COVID-19, “we are now foreseeing an unavoidable delay in production and shipments for Nintendo Switch consoles and peripherals such as Joy-Con, among others, that are made in China towards Japan’s domestic market.”

Today, also per Japanese Nintendo, Nintendo gave an update echoing the previous statement: “We didn’t mention the Switch Lite because there was still enough stock in the market at the time of publication [in February]. But the point that many of its parts are made in China is the same. We are doing various efforts inside the company; although shipments haven’t stagnated, they are getting delayed.”

These unavoidable delays are a shame, because with Animal Crossing: New Horizons now available, it’s the perfect time to pick up the console and get stuck into a brand new game.

The same issue appears to be hitting Ring Fit Adventure. Any copies of the game that go on sale are sold out within minutes. Nintendo simply can’t produce enough stock to meet the demand the market has. With so many people stuck indoors looking for something to do, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect escape. In the U.K., it’s still possible to preorder a Coral Switch Lite from retailer GAME, but stock levels could run out just as quickly.


Jamie Sharp
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