Nintendo NY introducing Nintendo Israel

Nintendo has finally launched its second-ever retail location today at the Dizengoff Center, a mall located in Tel Aviv, Israel. This new Nintendo Israel comes 14 years after the first Nintendo store, currently known as Nintendo New York / Nintendo NY, launched in 2005. The new location also opened just a few months after an official online store went live in Israel.

Nintendo further plans to open a sister location in Tokyo later this year. Hopefully, these new store openings are a sign of more to come. Nintendo fans all around the world would love to have a place to hang out other than in New York.

The store in New York was previously known as Nintendo World. Before 2005, the store was only used for Pokémon merchandise and it was appropriately named The Pokémon Center.

Since opening day, Nintendo NY has often been a place for Nintendo fans to gather and watch live broadcasts of official announcements. The store also features displays of Nintendo’s long history with video games, showcasing items like the Power Glove and the Virtual Boy.

Some items at Nintendo New York couldn’t possibly be displayed elsewhere, like the Game Boy that survived the Gulf War explosion. But it would be really awesome to see Nintendo spread their displays of gaming history around the world. It would also just be really cool to go to a store officially from Nintendo.

Gulf War Game Boy

So to all of the Nintendo fans in Israel, we hope you enjoy the grand opening of Nintendo Israel! Here’s to hoping it’s just as cool as Nintendo NY!


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