Minecraft Hyrule Castle


In a weird, but awesome reveal, Nintendo of Japan has shared The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule Castle built entirely in Minecraft. The castle was created by the Microsoft-certified group, “Team-Kyo (Team Kyo)”. Per the original Nintendo of Japan article, the castle is available for purchase at the Minecraft store.

Here’s more details on the castle, according to a translation by Resetera:

By referring to the screenshots and official materials taken in the game, we created a design in 1 block units from the height of the terrain to the width of the building.
After that, blocks are piled up while comparing with screenshots.

-At this scale, you still need an accurate plan. Based on that, it seems that one block of stacks is endlessly persevering, but how many people are involved in production and how long does it take?

Thirteen people participated in the production, and it took about two months for the entire production period, including brushing up. Only about the first two weeks I did the design only.

Check the video down below for more details of this awesomely pixelated Hyrule Castle.


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