Nintendo Switch clean with alcohol disinfect guidelines English Japan

Anyone can just grab a rag and give their hardware a quick rub. But if you want to rub your hardware the way that would make Nintendo smile, then you should follows its cleaning and disinfectant guidelines. Via sister site Siliconera, Nintendo has posted guidelines for how to disinfect and/or clean your Nintendo Switch and associated devices like Joy-Con using water or alcohol.

Nintendo’s English support page on the matter says to wipe products with a damp but wrung-out soft cloth using water if you want to clean a device, whereas to disinfect, you should “Lightly apply a consumer-grade disinfectant containing about 70% alcohol to a soft clean cloth and gently wipe the product.” It warns against ever pouring liquids directly on Nintendo Switch or submerging electronics in water (duh).

The Japanese support page elaborates even further, somewhat amusingly clarifying that you should only use alcohol specified for disinfection. Alcohol used for fuel (or presumably getting trashed) is not appropriate and risks damaging the device. But perhaps most importantly of all, we get a cute new graphic out of the post, stars whizzing by from how clean a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con has become.

Armed with this information, clean and/or disinfect your Nintendo Switch and associated electronics with care!


John Friscia
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