Luigi's Mansion 3

Nintendo has an absolutely stacked lineup in the second half of 2019. Switch owners are already enjoying Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Meanwhile, Astral Chain and the Link’s Awakening remake aren’t far away. Fast forward to October, and Nintendo has another great game ready to launch just in time for Halloween. Luigi’s Mansion 3 was my favorite game on the E3 show floor, and it just keeps getting better. With Gamescom in full swing, Nintendo just dropped half an hour of exciting new footage of the game. They even show off co-op play with Gooigi! You can check it out by clicking below!

Luigi’s Mansion 3: Gooigi Co-op

A frighteningly good time

The latest Luigi’s Mansion 3 gameplay gives us an extended look at an area we’ve only seen briefly before. A previous trailer gave us a glimpse at an overgrown, forest-like area with a large, ominous, wooden door. This Gamescom footage takes us through that door and reveals the other side. A ghost named Dr. Potter causes an enormous tree to sprout in the middle of the room, and a rickety staircase winds its way up the tall tower. Good thing Luigi is brave enough to press on! And he doesn’t have to do it alone. As the footage shows, having a second player control Gooigi helps considerably with the game’s various challenges. Those ghosts don’t stand a chance!

It all caps off with a mini-boss fight against Dr. Potter, and he means business! His command over plants creates a battle scene reminiscent of Little Shop of Horrors. Stay on your guard, and make good use of that chainsaw! I was already pumped for Luigi’s Mansion 3, but after this, my excitement is through the roof. You can look forward to playing it yourself when it launches on October 31. Until then, enjoy the latest footage!

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