It’s a bit of a heartbreak today for fans of Bowsette as well as the many fan versions of other characters donning the Super Crown. On the official website for New Super Mario Bros U. Deluxe, Nintendo stated the following info today with regards to the famous Super Crown that turns Toadette into Peachette: “Sorry, Luigi – only Toadette can use this item!”

What a bummer.

Via Nintendo

When it was first announced last year that a new item would be appearing in the game which turns Toadette into Princess Peach, fans ran wild with their imaginations. Bowsette became a fan favorite and has inspired cosplays, fan art, comics, and other interesting things.

It’s a shame that we will never actually see a more PG version of her in official Nintendo games. Some of those amazing hacks we have seen from die-hard fans will have to suffice – for now. Has the hype for Bowsette died down?

A little bit for sure, but there are still many many fans who are probably holding onto hope that Nintendo will expand on the idea of using the Super Crown on other characters. I do think it’s funny they poked fun at Luigi totally ignoring Bowser which was probably a playful jab at fans of Bowsette. For now, we can enjoy using a powered-up Toadette at least.

We will have to see what interesting ideas fans come up with in 2019.


Tarah Bleier


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