Nintendo Switch online break murder mystery Alabama

A tragic and despicable situation is one step closer to resolution thanks to an unlikely form of assistance: Nintendo Switch and its online capabilities. University of South Alabama professor Matt Wiser was murdered in his home in Mobile, Alabama on Nov. 22. At that time, his Nintendo Switch was stolen. Subsequent online activity of that Nintendo Switch was tracked by authorities, which led them to defendant Tiquez Timmons.

Timmons then admitted that he drove a getaway car for co-defendant Derric Scott, who would burglarize homes and then escape with Timmons. Mobile County Assistant District Attorney Keith Blackwood says it was Scott who shot and killed Wiser during a burglary, and Wiser was randomly targeted.

Bail for Timmons and Scott has been set at $150,000 each. If they make bail, they will have to wear electronic monitoring devices, and they will only be allowed to leave home for school, work, and church. The defendants’ arraignment is set for this Wednesday.

Murder is far from the rosy and jovial news about Nintendo Switch we like to report, but at the very least, the console is assisting to bring closure. Here’s to hoping our next story about Switch involves frolicking kittens and throwing lemon meringue pies.


John Friscia
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