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The Nintendo Switch console has now surpassed 60 million units sold worldwide. The exact figure sits at 61.44 million units as of the latest fiscal earnings report, with 406.67 million software units sold. The system is clearly still selling well, as we reported on over 55 million total consoles having been sold just a few months ago in May. For context, the Switch has now sold almost five times as many units as the Wii U, which has lifetime sales of a paltry 13.56 million units. Even more impressively, it is on the cusp of outselling the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), which sold 61.91 million units. It has a ways to go to overcome NES’s 500.01 million software units sold though.

The best-selling home Nintendo console of all time of course continues to be Wii, which sold a monstrous 101.63 million units, with 921.85 million software units sold. (That is the next big mountain for Nintendo Switch to climb.) However, even those numbers are eclipsed by some of the Big N’s dedicated handheld sales. Chiefly, the Nintendo DS sits on top with 154.02 million hardware units sold, with 948.71 million software units sold. Of course, lower price points on handheld devices have to do with those better sales, so there is always nuance to consider.

How far do you think Nintendo Switch hardware sales can go? Will it overcome the Wii’s numbers eventually?

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