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Spain isn’t exactly a country that would jump out in your mind when thinking of generating a lot of console sales for any particular system. In actuality, it’s Europe’s fourth-largest game market. And on top of that, it looks like Spanish Nintendo fans have been really loving the Switch since launch. A report from GameReactor has revealed that the Nintendo Switch has moved over 1.5 million units in the country.

According to that same report, it indicates that eight out of every ten console sales recently have been a Nintendo Switch, showing that the console is continuing to be very popular in the country. It’s been selling about 10,000 units per week in the country ever since last year. This news comes after it was recently revealed that the Switch had the second-highest amount of sales of any console in US history for the month of October, only being beaten out by its older relative, the Wii.

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The Switch’s sales success story continues in a little way across the map in Asia. It’s been named Nintendo’s fastest-growing market by the company’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa. During the Q&A session of Nintendo’s November 2020 Investor’s Briefing, Furukawa revealed that Asia has seen a 152 percent uptick in sales year-over-year. This includes sales being generated in regions outside of Japan like Hong Kong, Singapore, parts of the Middle East, parts of Southeast Asia, South Korea, Taiwan, and most recently, mainland China via a deal between Nintendo and Tencent.

With Nintendo’s latest global sales report putting Switch figures over 68 million, it’s clear that the console is a success across the globe. In a vein similar to the Wii, many people know about the Switch and are genuinely interested in having one of their own. But, it really does seem like the Switch’s mark in the “proper” gaming world will be far deeper than that of what the Wii left behind, with most of its business being generated by casual consumers who eventually moved on to other devices. As it currently stands, the Switch has outsold every Nintendo home console other than the Wii, so its well on track to continuing its cement its legacy as one of Nintendo’s most successful inventions ever.


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