Switch OLED model RAM

On Tuesday, Nintendo lifted the curtain on the Nintendo Switch OLED model, which received mixed reactions. The majority of Nintendo fans were expecting a “Nintendo Switch Pro” and expressed disappointment with the lack of improvements. If you are someone who plays your Nintendo Switch in handheld, the OLED model will be the definitive way to play though. However, Digital Foundry has interestingly discovered that the Nintendo Switch OLED model development kit features 8 GB of RAM, compared to the regular model’s 6GB. Although the OLED dev kit features 8GB, all retail Switch units will continue to include only 4GB.

Apparently, standard Switch and Switch OLED are so fundamentally the same internally that games will not even recognize which model they are playing on. However, developers still need a way to properly test their games on the new screen, so Digital Foundry explained the following:

With that in mind, a new ADEV development model is being made available to co-exist alongside the existing SDEV and EDEV versions. For reasons undisclosed by the Nintendo, this machine ships with 8GB of onboard memory compared to the 6GB in the other development models and the 4GB of all retail units.

Digital Foundry continued to predict why it’s unlikely a “pro” model will be released anytime soon: “With the Switch approaching four-and-a-half years in the market, it now seems almost certain that Nintendo will not deploy a mid-generation refresh in the mould of the DSi or the New 3DS and its offshoot models.”

However, Nintendo is extremely unpredictable, and there’s no knowing what it has planned for the future. In any case, it looks like the extra RAM included in the Switch OLED model dev kit won’t make much difference, but it will give developers more room to properly experiment. Will you be picking up a Nintendo Switch OLED model, and if so, what game will you be playing first?


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