Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack price

Nintendo Switch Online is a paid service that lets players go…well, online, on Nintendo Switch. To justify charging for what used to be a free feature, Nintendo regularly adds NES and SNES titles to a digital library that NSO players can access. Last month, they announced that Nintendo 64 and Genesis games would be joining that lineup, but at a price. You’ll need the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack upgrade to access them. Initially, the pricing and release date were not announced, but today we have our answer.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack price and date

Nintendo just quietly updated the NSO website with pricing information for the Expansion Pack. It’s currently listed at $49.99 for a single person for a year. Meanwhile, a family plan (good for up to 8 accounts) will cost $79.99 per year. That’s a pretty steep increase from the base service, which is $20 per person or $35 for a family plan. In fact, it’s more than double. Additionally, there are no listed options for buying a single month of the Expansion Pack. It’s a year or nothing, at least for now.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack will release on October 25. This paid service adds a variety of Nintendo 64 and Genesis games, and it seems it will come with other perks. During the Animal Crossing Direct, Nintendo revealed that the Happy Home Paradise DLC is included in the upgraded NSO service. Normally, it’s a $25 value. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo continues to include free DLC in this expanded service.

Nintendo is also releasing N64 and Genesis controllers that will be compatible with the new service. As of today, you can start placing preorders. Good luck out there!


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