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A new report suggests that the Nintendo Switch is projected to outsell both the Xbox One and PS4 in 2019. This report comes from Strategy Analytics. The outlet stated the following:

“Nintendo is set to regain its leadership position in video game consoles for the first time since 2009, according to the latest projects from Strategy Analytics’ Connected Home Devices service.”

This is a rather bold prediction. Nintendo hasn’t seen the top sales position in home console sales since the earlier years of the Nintendo Wii. Furthermore, Sony has curated an ardent and loyal fan base with a spate of high quality first-party titles and franchises over the years. It’s a momentum that the company has steadily been building while total PS4 sales currently outpace Xbox One sales by over 2 to 1. With the Switch making it’s entrance midway through Sony’s and Microsoft’s current gen life cycles, it has a lot of ground to cover, not only to win over gamers who already have the other two systems, but to establish Nintendo as a dominant name again amongst the big three. If this report is to be believed, it seems the success with the Switch will carry on into next year. The report continued:

“The report, Global Game Console Market Forecast, predicts that Nintendo will sell 17.3 million Switch consoles worldwide in 2019, while Sony will sell 17.1 million PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles.  Microsoft will remain in third place, selling 10.0 million Xbox One and Xbox One X devices. The overall console market has performed well in 2018, with total global sales reaching 46.1 million devices, the highest level since 2010.”

All this talk of hardware sales…

Lately, sales figures have seemingly dominated the news when it comes to video games and, mostly, Nintendo Switch. Recent reports have indicated that Nintendo was expecting to fall short of their sales goal for the Switch console by March of 2019. The estimated sales are 35 million units shipped while the projected forecast is 38 million units. But then, we’re inundated with news about how the Nintendo Switch console was the top selling item in video game sales during the rush for Cyber Monday purchases and managed to even take the third top selling item sold over all. It set records over the holiday break even outselling the Wii during the same period.

While it seems there’s a bit of back and forth on this subject, it’s easy to see that the console has a healthy fan base that has only gotten larger in the past few days. Prime first-party titles and third-party support will ensure its longevity. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is sure to garner a swell of attention for Nintendo in the coming months. So, we’ll see where the console stands once we get into the thick of 2019 amidst more game announcements that could maintain consumer enthusiasm.

What do you make of all this? Do you foresee a world where the Switch outsells the PS4 in a given year? What do you think Nintendo needs to do to ensure the console stays relevant and make that projection a reality? We’d appreciate hearing your thoughts, insights, or experiences in the comments below!

Chris Hinton
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