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Last week, it was reported that the base Nintendo Switch model would receive a price cut in Europe. Then yesterday, Nintendo of Europe officially recommended a price cut to the “European trade price of the Nintendo Switch console to retailers,” with the move being spurred by a “variety of factors, including currency exchange rates in Europe and the upcoming launch of Nintendo Switch – OLED Model.” Naturally, this move got consumers wondering if Nintendo of America planned to deliver a price cut to Nintendo Switch in the US as well — and the answer is a resounding no.

Axios journalist Stephen Totilo has conveyed a statement from Nintendo clarifying that the price cut was only for Europe, including the United Kingdom, and the US will not see any change in manufacturer’s suggested retail price:

Frankly, this isn’t surprising. What’s more surprising is that Europe received a price cut at all. Companies lower their prices when there is a business case to do so, but Nintendo Switch continues to sell ludicrously well at $299 and is on pace to dethrone Wii as the bestselling Nintendo home console. There isn’t a lot of incentive to change prices aside from a desire to appear consumer-friendly, but Lord knows Nintendo is not overly concerned about appearing consumer-friendly.

Do you think Nintendo Switch will ever receive a price cut in the US?


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