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Nintendo Switch is still selling like hotcakes as it rolls into its fifth year on the market. Nintendo officially closed the books on the past fiscal year on March 31, and today they updated their sales data to reflect that period. With just over four years under its belt, Nintendo Switch has sold an impressive 84.59 million units. This is enough to help the hybrid console climb one rung higher, as Nintendo Switch sales have now officially passed Game Boy Advance.

Nintendo Switch sales pass Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Advance launched in 2001 and enjoyed around 3 and a half years as Nintendo’s primary handheld. Nintendo originally claimed that DS wouldn’t be a replacement to GBA, but soon enough the older handheld was phased out. It managed to sell 81.51 million units during its lifetime despite its relatively short time in the spotlight. Four years in, Nintendo Switch sales have surpassed Game Boy Advance, and momentum is still strong!

Now that Nintendo Switch sales have passed up Game Boy Advance, Wii is within striking distance. Nintendo Wii sales stand at 101.63 million, which is a total that could easily be reached this year. If a recent report is to be believed, Nintendo hopes to sell around 30 million Switch units this year. If that goal is met, Switch would easily coast past Wii and land within striking distance of the classic Game Boy. Sales of Game Boy (including Color) currently stand at 118.60 million.


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