Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro review for Joy-Con

Hori’s goal with the Split Pad Pro was to offer a full-sized controller feel for portable gaming Switch owners. I’m happy to say that the company succeeded with this new Joy-Con replacement accessory. The Split Pad Pro is without a doubt one of the most comfortable and versatile ways to play Switch — but it comes with a few annoyances.

First off, if you have big hands and you felt the Joy-Con were too small for you, the Split Pad Pro is certainly the best option. It’s bulky and fills the palms with satisfying grips. As someone with medium-sized hands, the attachment still rests comfortably in my hands as well. However, if you have small hands, it’ll likely be hard to play with the Split Pad Pro.

Junk in the trunk

Speaking of size, the Split Pad Pro adds a hefty amount of length and thickness to the Switch. Taking this accessory on the go with your Nintendo Switch might be tough. However, if you often play your Switch portably from the comfort of your home, that is where the Switch Split Pad Pro is the most enjoyable. Whether it’s resting on the table in front of you or in your lap, the Split Pad Pro is simply heaven for the hands.

Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro review for Joy-Con

The extra additions to the Split Pad Pro are the rear buttons and the turbo button. I love being able to assign the rear buttons to jump and reload in games. Never having to take your thumbs off the sticks is simply fantastic. This is a feature I hope next-generation consoles include in the default controllers. As for the turbo button, I never have any reason to use it. I’m not quite sure why controller manufacturers continue to put it on controllers. Either way, the rear buttons are a fantastic addition that are comfortable to press.

Much like the rest of the controller, the joysticks are super-sized. Not to the point of being uncomfortable, though. The texture of the sticks is smooth and pleasant to the touch. However, if your hands tend to get sweaty during your gaming sessions, the smooth texture of the sticks might be an issue.

Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro review for Joy-Con

Mush vs. click

All the buttons on the Split Pad Pro are comfortable to use. The D-pad is mushier than it is clicky, which may or may not be a negative for you. However, one thing I adore is the placement of the D-pad. It’s just far away enough from the edge of the grip so you don’t have to arch your thumb uncomfortably. The shoulder buttons also have a bit of “mush” to them. Luckily, the face buttons click exactly how you would expect. I have no major gripes about the Split Pad Pro’s buttons or sticks, but they also aren’t exceptional.

The Split Pad Pro only works in portable mode, which is a bit of a letdown, especially considering it’s meant to replace the Joy-Con. Luckily, you can still dock your Nintendo Switch while it is attached to your console. Although I must admit, it looks sorta silly bulging out of the sides of the Switch dock.

Final thoughts

Do you constantly play your Switch portably from the comfort of your home? If so, the Split Pad Pro is definitely worth looking into. However, those hoping to game with it on the go outside the house should proceed with caution; the Split Pad Pro is a chunky piece of tech. At the same time, it’s too damn comfy to not recommend to all Nintendo Switch enthusiasts.

About the product

  • Full-size controller experience in handheld mode
  • Larger grip, buttons, triggers, analog sticks, and D-pad
  • Programmable rear buttons, turbo, assignable buttons, and more
  • Daemon X Machina branding & accents
  • Officially Licensed by Nintendo

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Split Pad Pro


Overall Score



  • Extremely comfortable to hold
  • Great Joy-Con replacement for in-the-house portable gaming
  • D-pad placement is perfect
  • Rear buttons are a fantastic bonus


  • Bulky size makes it hard to take on the go
  • Joysticks can get slippery
  • No docked/controller option
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