Nintendo Switch - System Update - Firmware Update

June has now rolled around, which means it’s time for two things: the return of E3 and Nintendo releasing yet another system update for the Switch, apparently.

The Big N has rolled out version 12.0.3 of the Switch system firmware, bumping it up just a notch. This update comes on the heels of other similarly incremental updates that have been releasing pretty steadily over the past few months. Though Nintendo keeps updating the Switch, there hasn’t been a truly substantial drop of new features and improvements in quite some time now. Thus, this latest system update is just another run-of-the-mill “stability improvement” patch, as the company tends to put it.

Even though these minor system updates don’t really do much on the surface, stuff does tend to get shuffled around in the backend. One example of this is just from a few weeks ago when, very interestingly, lines of code pertaining to an apparent Bluetooth audio driver were found to be hiding away in the depths of the Switch OS. Nothing much has come of that on the front-end of the UI as yet, despite it being a heavily requested feature from many fans in the Switch community. Another line of code pointed to the Dock also having a firmware update, which has never happened and has yet to happen.

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The road ahead

Nintendo releasing this update just before E3 is a bit interesting, however. True, as mentioned earlier, there’s been a steady release of these minor updates for a little while now. But, perhaps it could have all been in preparation for a big rollout? This is purely speculation, but it could be something to look forward to likely after E3, like a big summer update.

On that note, the Internet is still collectively tapping its feet as it awaits the highly-rumored “Switch Pro.” The alleged system revision was reported to be revealed last week to pave Nintendo and its various partners’ way into E3, but that did not happen. Though, there are still a few more days left, so who knows? If it does happen, maybe all of these system updates might have had something to do with that as well…


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