Nintendo’s developers behind the Switch firmware updates have seemingly been having a bit of a rough time lately. Just before E3, this routine, minor “stability update” was deployed as per usual. All was well for the first few hours until Nintendo randomly then pulled the update from its servers; some users had begun to get error codes, hence the drastic maneuver. After just a few days, the update was then redistributed yet again and seemingly fixed. But, some users up until recently have continued reporting getting hit with download-related bugs ever since the update was redistributed. Thus, Nintendo has now had to jump back into the situation with some suggesteded fixes. 

The update in question is Switch firmware version 12.0.3. What’s been happening is that some users are running into problems downloading games from the eShop, as well as DLC and also patches related to said games. What happens is that, when trying to download these pieces of software, affected users have been getting smacked with error code: 2123-1502, which states that the Switch is unable to connect to the Internet. So, what are Nintendo’s steps to fixing it?

The first suggestion is to restart the Switch console manually by pressing the Power button and shutting the system down completely. The next suggestion is to clear the console’s cache, which steps to do so are provided here. Suggestions beyond these seem a bit less direct, however. They include testing the existing Internet connection or setting up a new one entirely. On the even more technical side, manually entering DNS settings is the next suggestion, as well as verifying the MTU value in the network settings is at the default reading of 1400. If all else fails, Nintendo finally suggests to either try an entirely different network in a different location or simply waiting for a while with your existing connection and then try to perform the download again after some time has passed.


Hunting for (system) bugs

Going by this list of suggestions, there doesn’t seem to be a 100% tried-and-true method for alleviating this issue, at least not yet. Nintendo has not yet stated what exactly is causing the problem all of a sudden.

Nintendo Switch - Repair

At the very least, it doesn’t seem to be incredibly widespread, which is both good news and also strange news at the same time. On one hand, this shows that the problem is very isolated, but then it also raises the question: “Why is this happening to just a few people and not more?” For now, there’s no definitive answer to that.

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