Nintendo Switch Brazil launch Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro lowered taxes

Much like the United States, Brazil is about to be engulfed by something that can’t be controlled and will surely spread like wildfire across the population. I am mercifully speaking of Nintendo Switch, which Nintendo has announced via social media will come to Brazil at last. The hybrid console was of course originally released in March 2017, so this has been quite a long time coming. A precise release date for Nintendo Switch in Brazil has not been revealed yet, but it’s “coming soon.”

The reason why Switch isn’t already available in the country is likely because egregiously high import taxes on electronic games in Brazil — ranging from 20% to 50% — had made the cost of consoles too impractical to be worthwhile. However, these taxes were alleviated last year, presumably paving the way to what we see now.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be a launch title in the country if the teaser image is any indication. What else will come along for the ride is anyone’s guess, but something like Super Mario Odyssey or Splatoon 2 would be a reasonable assumption. In any case, lord knows Brazil could use something nice right now.

Elsewhere in the world, Chinese gamers are excited that an official domestic release of Ring Fit Adventure will soon come.


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