Nintendo Switch circle new experience September 12 innovation

On Sept. 12, Nintendo will unveil a “new experience for Nintendo Switch,” and they’ve begun teasing it now with the below video. The thing being teased is… a circle. A circle presumably made of plastic, possibly some rubber, maybe some other stuff. And… and that’s it. Nintendo Switch’s new experience is a round object that holds Joy-Con. There’s also a variant of it that straps to your thigh. Sometimes you use both versions at once.

See for yourself.

So, two things could be going on here. One, Nintendo could be showing off a new steering wheel for things like Mario Kart. That seems pretty likely. The other thing that seems likely is that this round… circle… thing could be used for workouts and other healthy physical activities. In other words, it seems like a bizarre successor to the Wii Balance Board, though perhaps more multiplayer-focused.

The way the people in the video gyrate and go bananas in so many different positions makes it obvious that the point is to “get physical.” In fact, the guy with the beard toward the end of the video might have accidentally climaxed on the floor. I guess the point is that there are no limits to the joy that Nintendo innovation can bring.

Let us know how you feel about Nintendo’s innovative circle, and stay tuned for an update on Sept. 12.


John Friscia
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