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On average, I make a pilgrimage to the Nintendo NY store in Manhattan once a year, and it’s usually pretty glorious. It’s a beautiful two-floor store, with large Nintendo statues and memorabilia all over the place. Whatever picture you have in your head of what you would like a Nintendo store to be, Nintendo NY achieves that vision. However, the upcoming Nintendo Tokyo store, which opens Nov. 22 in Japan, looks to be even more impressive. But not to be outdone, the new Pokémon Center Shibuya is also opening in the same building on the same day, and it somehow looks even cooler than Nintendo Tokyo!

Nintendo Tokyo recently had its press event, meaning bountiful photos have released to the public of what it looks like. As expected, it is a veritable explosion of Nintendo merchandise of all imaginable kinds, plus lots of huge, gorgeous statues. Take a look at a sampling.

Nintendo Tokyo Mario Nintendo Tokyo Link Nintendo Tokyo Splatoon Animal Crossing is not available at Pokémon Center Shibuya. Luigi plate is not available at Pokémon Center Shibuya. Mario pillows are not available at Pokémon Center Shibuya.

Meanwhile, Pokémon Center Shibuya is one of the slickest stores I’ve ever seen. The angular walls, the wild graffiti Pikachu merchandise, the totally showstopping Mewtwo statue in a tube — it’s almost breathtaking even in photos. Considering that I’m a very lapsed Pokémon fan and I’m still this dazzled, it’s a bright sign for Pokémon Center Shibuya’s future.

If you happen to find yourself in Shibuya in Tokyo in the near future, you know what to do now. Or alternatively, if you happen to have a lot of money to burn and a winter vacation coming up, you also know what to do.

Let us know what you think of Nintendo Tokyo and Pokémon Center Shibuya.

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