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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is chock full of Nintendo mascots. Not only that, but the title is home to some excellent guests from other, non-Nintendo franchises. There are only two guest spots left on the DLC roster, which have already been decided some time ago. Nevertheless, a New Zealand fan decided to shoot her shot and requested Rayman be added to the Smash Ultimate combatants last year. Surprisingly, Nintendo actually took the time to respond to the call.

Rayman in Smash Ultimate would please me greatly

The Smash enthusiast, who goes by the moniker @CallMeKorora on Twitter, sent the following letter to Nintendo of America back in December 2020:

Nintendo’s response was a bit late due to the pandemic, but it did send a letter back to Korora:

While the company couldn’t confirm or deny Rayman’s existence as an upcoming fighter in Ultimate, it did promise to send Korora’s suggestion to other departments within the corporation. It also told her the letter motivates them to make excellent games and included some fancy bookmarks for her trouble.

Rayman is actually in the Smash franchise in spirit and trophy form. However, clearly, fans like Korora would like to see the mascot be fully playable. Fans like Ubisoft itself:

Enthusiasts, what are your thoughts on the letter and response? Do you believe the limbless Rayman can throw down with the rest of the Smash Ultimate roster? Let us know below.

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