At Nintendo’s recent Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, Shigeru Miyamoto, the company’s managing director was asked about what is next for the Legend of Zelda franchise. He did not fully comment on the upcoming Zelda Wii U game that was shown at E3 as he couldn\’t give away any further information than what was given, but he did discuss the future of the series and hinted at an unannounced Zelda title (or titles) for Nintendo 3DS.

Miyamoto stated: \”At this point, there are a few titles under development in “The Legend of Zelda” series, so please look forward to their completion.\”

Then when speaking about The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Miyamoto said: \”In addition to that, we have ideas for Nintendo 3DS which we have not announced yet, so I hope you will look forward to them.\”


Of course the obvious game people will mention is yet again Majora’s Mask, but it seems that Nintendo have more than that planned for 3DS. Hopefully it won\’t be too long before we find out about these new Zelda 3DS games.


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