The news about Nintendo’s new smartphone ventures isn’t over yet! In a recent investor’s meeting Nintendo was asked, “The smartphone app market seems to be out of new ideas and growing boring, do you intend to dramatically change gameplay with your games?” To this, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima responded:

Miitomo is a unique app and can be enjoyed by communicating using Miis, even by those not normally in constant communicationMiitomo is closely integrated with My Nintendo and Nintendo Account. We’ve already demonstrated the joy of discovering things about people you thought you knew well in internal tests during development. With the likable Mii IP, smart device users will enjoy it. Other than Miitomo, we’re thinking of apps that integrate w/ consoles, as well as things just for mobile & users who don’t normally play.

Shigeru Miyamoto popped in here:

I agree that there are a few popular styles among the multitude of titles on smart devices. If we can expand the challenges we realized on consoles to smart devices using their unique features, we think new styles of games can be created and grow widespread. On the business side, we’re relying as much as possible on DeNA’s support while we focus on what’s new. While the mobile business must generate a profit, we’re stressing the biggest objective of drawing customers to dedicated consoles.

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