Nintendo free print Gooigi mask Luigi's Mansion 3

To commemorate the upcoming release of Luigi’s Mansion 3, which our own Andrew Rockett is loving, Nintendo has released a free Halloween Gooigi mask that you can print out on a standard sheet of paper and wear on your face. You just need scissors to cut it out and ribbon or string to physically wear it. Check out the awesome excitement of the Gooigi mask at the Play Nintendo website.

If you print out the mask and look at it in real life, I’m sure it’s as underwhelming as you would expect something printed on a sheet of printer paper to be. But if you look at Nintendo’s promotional image for the Gooigi mask, it appears infinitely more ominous, like it was the carved off face of a dread sorcerer from eons past who once commanded an army of the damned. And I mean, really, do we have solid evidence that Gooigi isn’t in fact all of those things? Tread lightly here, folks.

On the bright side, Luigi’s Mansion 3 releases this Halloween for Nintendo Switch, filling a niche for “children’s horror” that often just isn’t attempted in video games. It’s a genre ripe for further development, so hopefully indie devs will derive some inspiration from the game moving forward.


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