Anchel Labena is a Videogame designer, PR and multimedia producer from Spain living in Copenhagen. He teaches at EUCROMA and a board member of IGDA Denmark. Or so it says from his Twitter account. Recently he was in attendance at the UniteNordic, a two day event, held in Malmö, southern Sweden, which provides Nordic and European community of Unity developers with Unity-focused gaming inspiration, networking and learning. During Nintendo’s presentation at UniteNordic he decided to tweet some interesting tidbits;


Nintendo on its Web Framework: If we develop a strong foundation, hopefully everyone will use it and it will grow and grow. #UniteNordic

— Anchel Labena (@Anchel) May 22, 2013

Nintendo: Once you enter into an agreement with Nintendo you can register for free for a dev kit. #UniteNordic — Anchel Labena (@Anchel) May 22, 2013

Nintendo on Web Framework-based apps and games: No need for concept approval, the dev sets price and date. #UniteNordic — Anchel Labena (@Anchel) May 22, 2013


Typical developer barriers when developing for consoles: Developer approval and NDAs. Nintendo seems more open about this now though.

— Anchel Labena (@Anchel) May 22, 2013


More barriers: development hardware price, technical compliance. Nintendo will help with that. They want more indie developers #UniteNordic

— Anchel Labena (@Anchel) May 22, 2013


My final impression from Nintendo’s talk is that they are taking indie developers way more seriously now. That’s great! #UniteNordic

— Anchel Labena (@Anchel) May 22, 2013


In the long run, Nintendo is going out of their way to help Indie developers get onto the platform, whether that be using the Nintendo Web Framework or using the Unity engine.  It is making most people around the industry very happy with the system, and in the end it is us the gamers that will benefit.

Later as the news broke about Microsoft not allowing Indies to self publish he had something further to add;

So while Nintendo and Sony strive to make it easier for indies this generation of consoles, Microsoft says **** ***

— Anchel Labena (@Anchel) May 22, 2013


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