Reports of what is being referred to as a ‘Supplemental Computing Device’ surfaced some time ago, but now the likelihood of it seeing the light of day just got a little higher.

Nintendo has successfully patented the SCD in North America, as reported by  As one would expect, this device may coincide with the NX. According to the patent, the device isn’t going to be used to boost the graphical ability of the system, but it instead will provide added processing speed, network functions, and memory.


According to the rest of the patent, the NX’s SCDs can actually communicate with each other via the Internet, and will allow users to share the power of their SCDs with others, thus further boosting the devices’ abilities.



It’s definitely a very interesting scheme, but of course, this is only a patent. This means that the idea could never actually come to fruition, and if it does, it could end up being different in one way or another than what is described here. Nevertheless, we now know for sure that the plans are on the table.

A.K Rahming
Having been introduced to video games at the age of 3 via a Nintendo 64, A.K has grown up in the culture. A fan of simulators and racers, with a soft spot for Nintendo! But, he has a great respect for the entire video game world and enjoys watching it all expand as a whole.


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