Nippon Marathon 2 Kickstarter Onion Soup Interactive obstacle course gameplay like Takeshi's Castle

Nippon Marathon is a bit of a mental multiplayer racer that instantly screams Takeshi’s Castle. It’s an on-foot racing game where players tackle strange obstacle courses to see who comes out on top. Basically a fast-paced, Japanese Fall Guys then. The first one was a bit of a niche hit when it launched a few years ago, and the developer has revealed plans for a follow-up. This time, developer Onion Soup Interactive (even its name’s weird) will be taking to Kickstarter to fund Nippon Marathon 2.

The project isn’t live yet, but the developer has revealed some of its plans prior to launch. Some stretch goals have been identified, like a visual novel-inspired story, as well as vague “localization” and an “in-demand” online multiplayer mode. The team has also revealed a list of key features for the upcoming Nippon Marathon 2:

  • New and improved cast of crazy characters
  • Silly physics abilities including the “grip” ability, grab your opponent and see what happens.
  • Touka Koukan (equivalent exchange) – Players’ “popularity score” will make or break you in the Nippon Marathon; everything influences your popularity, whether that be for better or worse!
  • Brand new courses set around the world including London, the USA, France and more!
  • Amazing new character specific B-Moves, such as Elizabeth Nishibori’s “Unicorn Rage”
  • New weapons, such as the shuriken style STAR FRUIT.
  • Specific stats and animations for each character!
  • All new back stories including how Snuguru Maestro became Elon Mus— wait, what?
  • Minigames and Party Games return!
  • An amazing soundtrack is back to soothe and/or excite your ears!

Project backers will be able to choose from certain rewards. These will consist of things like becoming a beta tester or grabbing some exclusive sustainable merchandise, like a backer-exclusive T-shirt. If you want to be notified as soon as the Kickstarter goes live, you can register your interest now.

[Source: PR]

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