Jump Rope Challenge

Nintendo was all ready to delist Jump Rope Challenge from the eShop today, or so we thought. A recent tweet from Nintendo of America double-jumps back on that idea, though. The game, which began as a quick work-from-home project by a few Nintendo employees who wanted to give people a way to stay active during COVID-19-induced quarantine, will instead remain on the eShop “until further notice.” Check out the tweet below, which highlights the popularity of Jump Rope Challenge (over 2.5 billion jumps!) and announces a decision to postpone the delisting indefinitely.

This whole charade is very perplexing, and it’s not like it ever made sense from the start. Why did Nintendo ever want to delist the game in the first place? Why double back now? We can only guess as to why they ever wanted to yank Jump Rope Challenge off of the eShop, and we can hazard a guess that something like a sudden, panic-induced uptick in popularity swayed Nintendo to leave the game up for a little longer.

Doubling back on Jump Rope Challenge is a strange leap, and one has to wonder if this could possibly mean anything for other titles Nintendo plans to keep available for only a limited time, such as Super Mario Bros. 35 and Super Mario 3D All-Stars. As is, I wouldn’t cancel any plans you had to quickly download Jump Rope Challenge, because we are now in uncharted territory. Who knows how long Nintendo actually plans to delay the game’s removal for, and who knows how much notice we’ll get when the Delist Grim Reaper finally arrives? To circle back to an earlier question, who knows why Nintendo wanted to delist it in the first place? What is their sudden obsession with digital limited-run games?

Have you gotten your fill of Jump Rope Challenge? What do you think of the game? Is it a temporary distraction, or something a bit more helpful for staying fit in the age of Ring Fit scarcity?


Andrew Rockett
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