NUTS Nintendo Switch Noodlecake squirrel surveillance mystery game release date February 2 trailer

Publisher Noodlecake and developers “Joon, Pol, Muuutsch, Char, and Torfi” are bringing NUTS, a squirrel surveillance mystery game, to Nintendo Switch and PC on Feb. 2, following a release on Apple Arcade on Jan. 22. Now, you may be thinking, “Well, what separates this game from the myriad other squirrel surveillance mysteries on the market?” The answer would be the striking visuals, which are flat and basic yet absolutely popping with color and energy. Oh, also, the squirrels have dynamite and matches for some reason. Take a look at how NUTS is going to light up Switch in its new trailer.

NUTS will feature full voice acting, engrossing sound effects, and gameplay “based around surveillance and tracking.” With GPS, a map, and the cameras you set up during the day to watch at night, you will be tracking squirrels in the Melmoth Forest. The aim is to learn where they go and why they are behaving strangely. (Seriously, we need to figure out where the heck that dynamite came from.)

It looks like NUTS will be another bizarre yet welcome addition to the eclectic Nintendo Switch library, alongside other strange upcoming titles like, for example, PsyHotel Simulator.


John Friscia
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