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Despite a few companies pulling out amidst COVID-19 concerns, Nintendo is at PAX East in full force, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons is doing all of their heavy lifting.  Those who made it to PAX can take in an extensive exhibit on the game that has driven some to tears with its overwhelming, long-awaited dose of Animal Crossing. Attendees can also dive into a playable demo that marks the game’s first instance of public availability. That’s exactly what popular YouTuber AbdallahSmash026 did–check out his video below for a full half-hour of island exploration, hunting for Bells, chatting with villagers, and more all-around Animal Crossing goodness.

I am honestly not sure if long videos like this make the remaining three-week wait between now and release easier or harder. Animal Crossing: New Horizons looks totally fantastic, there’s no doubt about it. It’s been quite a long wait, but we’re finally, finally, FINALLY almost through it. After just a few more weeks of celebrities gushing about the game on Twitter and the torturous drip-feed of hype from Nintendo, we’ll finally be back with the series.

Are you looking forward to Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Will you be picking it up on release day? How do you like the gameplay you’ve seen thus far? Let us know in the comments!

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