Oh My Godheads

Oh My Godheads is a quirky couch multiplayer title focusing on its own frantic version of Capture the Flag. A party game through and through, Oh My Godheads has four different local multiplayer modes and some co-op challenges. Godheads – disembodied heads that often serve as the objective – have unique effects on gameplay with their violent and hilarious powers. The approach is interesting and certainly has loads of potential. Unfortunately, gameplay is a bit clunky and every mode other than “Capture the Head” feels uninspired. Oh My Godheads is just okay, and it does not stand out in the Switch’s growing party catalog.

Oh My Godheads

First, the good. Capture the Head is a very fun mode. With teams of two, the objective is to steal a giant head from the middle of the stage and then run it to your enemy’s base. There are eleven different heads, each with a distinct effect when picked up. Some spit lightning, some emit shockwaves, some freeze your enemies, and some flip controls around. Different effects are really quite hilarious and, when used strategically, can be critical to scoring a point. The ten available maps really shine in Capture the Head, as each is small enough to stay action-packed while boasting a slew of potential routes for head-thievery. Capture the Head was by far the most exciting part of Oh My Godheads, with plenty of long, back-and-forth matches drawing laughter and obscenities from my friends.

However, outside of “Capture the Head,” nothing really cuts it. The deathmatch modes (Last Man Standing and Headhunters) are slow-paced and boring. While the gameplay works well in Capture the Head, it feels like molasses in modes focused on directly confronting and striking down your friends. The last mode, King of the Head, is just okay. In King of the Head, one Godhead is in the middle of the stage, and you and your friends compete to see who can grab and hold onto the head for the longest. Wearing a Godhead slows you down, but gives you some sweet powers while everyone else works together to pin you down and knock your (God)head off. Unfortunately, the same issues with slow gameplay plague this mode, leaving a bulk of Oh My Godheads an unsatisfactory experience.

Oh My Godheads

If you buy Oh My Godheads, you will get an exciting local-multiplayer CTF game with a few tacked-on, lesser modes. There is not much to it outside of Capture the Head, and even that probably will not hold your attention for too long. Frankly, it is hard to recommend when party games like Ultimate Chicken Horse and Towerfall are available on Switch.

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: Sep 25, 2018
No. of Players: up to 4 players
Category: Fighting, Party, Action
Publisher: Square Enix Europe LTD
Developer: Titutitech S.L.
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  • Capture the Head is good fun
  • Variety of heads and maps keep things interesting


  • A majority of the modes are not good
  • Occasional slow pace
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